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Our mission is to create healthier, and happier families, relationships, and communities one adjustment at a time.

We know that the human body is designed to function and adapt at its fullest potential.

Sometimes life's physical, chemical, and emotional stressors can put a kink in that plan and your nervous system! Our goal with care is to see where your nervous system interference is and help to integrate those stressors that you will encounter along the way. This way there is a clear pathway between the brain and body. Nobody likes a traffic jam...especially your brain!


Our care is focused on prenatal, pediatrics, and families because we see the greatest impact on our families, communities, and the future when we make sure our little humans are operating at 100% from preconception on!

Dr. Crystal Folta is a Webster Certified chiropractor. She has her CACCP, which includes an additional 200+ course hour certification specializing in pediatrics and prenatal chiropractic. Additionally, she has an additional 200+ hours in sensory processing and cranial, and continues that work through practice-based research and teaching several times a year. 

Dr. Crystal has been such a delight to have in our lives. She helped tremendously with the aches and pains of pregnancy, came to our home to adjust the entire family 2 days after giving birth, and our office visits are a weekly highlight. We highly recommend her to anyone!

- Megan L

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