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Welcome to the Expo! We're glad you're here!

Our mission is to connect you with birth, baby, postpartum, and community support so that your family is looked after as you grow.

Please use the Gymnasium Map and Classroom Schedule below so that you can get what you need from the Expo today.

Vendor Map
PBBE 2023 Layout 7.0 (1).png
Gym Vendor Booth List
  1. Kitsap Yoga Doula

  2. Looking Glass Chiropractic

  3. Ahoy Kitsap Playland

  4. Liquid Sunshine Photography

  5. Chrysalis Physical Therapy

  6. Treasured Art of Birth Doula Agency & Academy 

  7. Kathryn Photography

  8. Reflections Wellness

  9. Breathe Easy Doula

  10. WA State Newborn Screening

  11. Kirsti Coutlee Photography

  12. Little Fern Forest

  13. Murmuring Rock

  14. Jade Births

  15. HSH Fitness

  16. KidVantage

  17. KCR Early Learning

  18. Syllings Elderberry

  19. Holly Ridge

  20. Ashley Grimes Photography

  21. Body Motion Physical Therapy

  22. True North Birth Center

  23. Kitsap Physical Therapy

  24. Christi Hunt Photography

  25. Treetop Village Schools

  26. Beautiful Beginnings Massage

  27. Wolf Moon Doula

  28. Lemon Acres

  29. Nurturing Expressions

  30. Ceres Chill

  31. Nourished Beginnings

  32. Full Circle Photograph

  33. Perinatal Support WA

  34. Made of Milkies Breastmilk Jewelry

  35. Moon River Birth

  36. Poppy & Pine Design Co

  37. Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

  38. KC Breastfeeding Coalition

  39. Carisa's Creations

  40. Kitsap Perinatal

  41. Kati Davis Realty

Food Vendor


  1. Oxalis Kitchen

  2. Viking Ice Cream

Food Trucks

  1. Taste Da Boot

  2. Pink Gorilla Espresso

Class Schedule

10:30 am - Room B

Ask an Occupational Therapist: Sensory Beginnings & Early Development

  • Emily Bryce, OTR/L with Little Fern Occupational Therapy


11 am - Room A

The Secret to Decreasing Your Push Time & Preparing Your Pelvic Floor for Birth

  • Dr. Allison Feldt & Dr. Riley Phelps with Body Motion Physical Therapy


11:30 am - Room B

Midwife Q&A - Get all of your questions answered!

  • Ashley Jones with True North Birth Center


12 pm - Room A

Newborn Neurology: What’s Normal

  • Dr. Crystal Folta with Looking Glass Chiropractic


12:30 pm - Room B

Introduction to Breastfeeding

  • Rebecca Kusche, IBCLC with Nurturing Expressions


1 pm - Room A

5 Quick Tips for Pelvic Girdle and Back Pain

  • Kara Stadshaug with Kitsap Physical Therapy


1:30 pm - Room B

Wellness Check-In

  • Karina Saunders with Perinatal Support Washington


2 pm - Room A

Breath and Pelvic Floor Function

  • Dr. Megan Kranenberg with Chrysalis Physical Therapy


2:30 pm - Room B

How to pick the right breast pump and accessories to set yourself up for success

  • Bekah Moore, CLC with Nurturing Expressions

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